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The real face of Azerbaijan. Ilham Aliyev: Armenian lobby is our main enemy...

Ilham Aliyev, 17.11.2012, 20th anniversary of the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP)
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"I have repeatedly said and I want to repeat it in open that Armenian lobby is our enemy. Because Armenia, as a country, is of no importance. In fact, it is a colony, an outpost, the territory governed from abroad which was artificially created in ancient Azerbaijani lands. Armenian lobby is our main enemy and we are the main enemy for them. In fact, the source of our enmity with them is their enmity with us. Second is anti-Azerbaijani center, structures and circles infected with Islamophobia. Unfortunately, their number is growing all the time.

The growth in their number was manifested during the elections held in some countries. The results of elections make the growth of the rating of Islamophobia forces clear. The young, dynamically developing, independent and modern Muslim country- Azerbaijan has become a problem for them since it does not fit their stereotypes. Their stereotypes seek to show Muslims in the world as a backward nation, people.
We already have a strong state-independent Azerbaijani state. We have an exact concept, the development program. As a result of this program Azerbaijan will add to the list of developed states".

Source: president.az

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