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White Revolution in Berkaber - Lessons to be learned by the rest of the Armenian population

By George Tabakyan

Many people have lost believe in change but we are witnessing the change happening in Armenia esp. by the young generation who is not happy with the current situation and is refusing to leave.
A small village on the border called Berkaber has witnessed a white revolution in the past month.
Berkaber is located on Joghaz reservoire right on the border with Azerbaijan. While the rest of the country enjoys peace and tranquility, Berkaber along with many other border villages are still in war and witness Azerbajani sniper fire almost everyday. This village has lost its agricultural lands during the war and currently the population cultivates its gardens as source of income.
The village had water and gas problems and was cut off from the rest of the country as the 3km road leading to the village was in a very bad shape. It was also "blessed" by a village mayor (Գյուղապետ) who was a Republican and whose main concern was to insure people show up during the parliamentary and presidential elections..... 
Apparently, the people were fed up and during the last local government elections, the majority of the Berkabertsis decided to vote to Mr Arthur -  a retired Army officer who didnt belong to any party and after 7 years the Republican saw himself out of office. 
During our visit 2 days ago, we witnessed a lot of changes in the village knowing that Mr Arthur was only 10 days in office. The water problem was solved after being there for 7 years! and the main road linking the village to Armenia was being renovated! 
We met Mr Arthur and he showed all kinds of hospitality and promised to support our project in every way to insure the village progresses. I remember his words that after serving the Country for 20 years, he sent his son to serve while he decided to serve his village. 
After the white revolution that we witnessed in Vanadzor where the local population challenged the authorities and voted for a nonpartisan person during the parliamentary elections, the Berkabertsis re-instate that the people have the power to change when they have the will! 
Revolution is not always bloody; it can happen overnight when the arrogant leader is too arrogant to realize that people are fed up and they will use the first chance to make the CHANGE. 
Berkaber is the village where our next project will take place - these villagers are truly heroes for making this CHANGE under the Azerbaijani sniper fire. They deserve every for of support.
The rest of the Republic has a lot to learn from them. 

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