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Khadija Ismayilova: My friend's account of what happened yesterday in Istanbul

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My friend's account of what happened yesterday in Istanbul:
Yesterday we came by boat from kadikoy to karakoy. Then we tried to reach taksim square by tophane but there were police and akp supporters assaulting protesters with knives. So we went to tunel and reach taksim by istiklal street. We were gazed but not so badly and reached taksim square and gezi park.
Just before our arrival in taksim, the group climbing by kazanci yokusu was trapped by police. Police pretended to go away and some people told the kazanci yokuşu group it was risk less and that they can come. But as soon as they reached the square, police badly attacked them. It was 3:30pm

They were gazed with this orange gaz
Then the police left
And we thought for a moment that we won
It was totally occupied from tunel, cihangir, gumussuyu to taksim
In the same time, people from Asian side were coming by walk
The first ones were not so badly armed in besiktas and could come
But then besiktas turned to a massive massacre
Civil cops gave free beers and provoked people.
Then panzers, orange gaz, plastic balls etc
In taksim it was quiet till 2-3
Many provocations (civil cops)
And gaz again

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