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Me and Hrant Dink used to listen to Sari Gelin many times. Sinet

Cevat Sinet is an Armenian journalist, who had to moved from Turkey to Belgium because of the persecutions by the Turkish authorities.

-A group of the Armenian girls has recently organized series of flash mobs dedicated to the Armenian roots of the song Sari Aghjik-Sari Gelin.

So what do you know about this song? Have you ever heard it in Turkey? Is Sari Gelin popular among Armenians in Turkey?

-Sarı Gelin is our wound. Sarı gelin is the biggest wound and suffering. With this song Turkey explains us. In Turkey everybody knows the Sarı Gelin, and when you hear it, the first thing in the mind is genocide and savagery made by Turkey. Sari Gelin was the favourite song of Hrant Dink, I have listened it with Hrant so many times. I listened it in Armenian from Kardeş Türküler and after that Sezen Aksu. I also know the story of this song: in Erzrum region, one Muslim boy and  a Christian girl feel in love with each other, their families were against  their marriage, after all the father of the girl who was the lord-bey, killed the young man.

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